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Discussion Section Rules - Read This!

Post by Huskyoff » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:10 pm

Please keep the discussion sections respectful! Please do not break this rule, doing so may result in loss of membership. No incivility. Threats against other members will not be tolerated. Any threats or offers to "meet in person" will get you permanently banned. This will happen without warning. You will just be gone.- Following this rule will ensure you will have no problems on SGT

Detailed Rules. These types behavior / topics will not be allowed:
  1. Harassing Moderators - Do not verbally attack / Curse at / Harass the moderators. This includes PMs. The moderators are here to enforce the rules. This is a special rule that if broken will get you a one month ban. The second time will get you a permanent ban.
  2. Name Calling - incivility, threats or personal attacks to any other members.
  3. Derailing topics - or stepping on other member's serious threads with B.S. comments.
    • Mods have the right to (Warn, ban, scrub, split, lock, delete) a topic if it has become derailed or is going completely off topic (too far gone).
    • The off topic section is a tough one with this rule. Use your best judgement. If it's a joke thread / or humor topic then it's OK to have some fun. If it's a serious "off topic" topic, and the mods thinks it's being derailed/stepped on, they have the right to (Warn, ban, scrub, split, lock, delete).
  4. Re-creating Topics - You are not allowed to recreate, or re-post a topic or information that has been removed or locked by the moderators.
  5. Nudity / porn - or, seductive pictures (male & female) or commentary about sex acts, gay, sheep etc.
  6. Foul Language - NO lewd, vulgar or off color language. Minor profanity is okay. "F-Bomb"– or any variation is not allowed, "C" word not allowed, male/female anatomical reference not allowed.. You know what I mean. We have a word censor in place. It will replace any 'not allowed' words with "*****". If this happens, move on and DO NOT THINK UP A CUTE OVERRIDE OF THE CENSOR to make your point. It will earn you a time out.
Other Notes:
  • Any threats or offers to "meet in person" will get you banned forever.
  • If you are permanently banned from the site, you are not allowed to return under another user name.
  • If you feel you have been banned/warned and have not broken these rules, contact Huskyoff. Don't start fights with the mods, contact Huskyoff.

Repercussions of breaking rules - Moderators have the ability to enforce the rules and will do so following the below as a guide. This is only a guide. Mods can enforce rules as needed. In addition to this, your post may be edited or corrected, or the topic locked.
  • 1st offence - Warning from a moderator.
  • 2nd offence - Banned for 1 day.
  • 3rd offence - Banned for 1 Week.
  • 4th offence - Banned for 1 Months.
Basically, follow the golden rule and you will be fine. If you are out of line, you will and should know.

Thank you.
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